They have been in the social dancing scene since 1991.

Michael Kirjak and Elsie Robinson

Co-Founders of MrDance,
Michael Kirjak and Elsie Robinson

Michael with his background in Martial Arts and Elsie with her love for ballroom dancing have been a very successful combination for Mr Dance for years. Their friendly approach will make your dancing experience unique and special.

Here is a piece of an article written in local newspaper about the work they do for the community.

“Drive to Dance”

Last night (August 27th) I decided to break my routine and went to Astorino’s. I spent some time talking to Elsie who runs the place. We or I should say I started on about the old venue on first avenue. It was truly mystical there. It was so old and there were so many stories told by some of the older people.

In those days it was an Italian area and those people know how to party. This led on to the new place (Astorino’s) and how the people had followed it from first avenue. What was interesting was the insight I got from Elsie. Places like this may not be filled with hot shot dancers but it is filled with people who like to dance. I have seen many people in the years and I have been going there start out as absolute beginners and in the space of a year or two become fairly good dancers.

My last partner was a case in point. She was some how truly magical and the best dancer I have partnered to date. She is still dancing and I hope will never quit. It is this kind of neighbourhood place that breeds dancers. They go in the beginning and take the free lessons which are really basic and they are not intimidated. From this they start to get into the whole thing and if they are inclined they move on to more serious lessons and venues. The rest of the people just chug along and have a good time doing their thing with no worries about technique or anything else they just move to the music which after all is the very core of what it is all about.

People like Elsie are the core of the true dance world. They help the people who want to learn and get them going. While they don’t presume to call themselves teachers they really do facilitate in the beginner learning stage. Places like this are as important to the dance world as somewhere like the UBC Club. Sure at UBC they turn out some good dancers in fact some of the best in BC but with over a thousand members all with time and money its not surprising. Places like Astorino’s though are populated with mostly lower income working people. For them this is a place to go and relax, have some fun, socialise and in the process learn to dance maybe. They are not for the most part worried about syllabus steps or frame they just want to move with the music and transcend the every day world if only for a couple of hours.

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