We have been in the social dancing scene since 1991.

Co-Founder of Mr Dance,
Michael (former Martial Arts instructor).

Mr Dance has become the longest running dance event in its original format in the Lower Mainland.  This is a very popular dance event, which requires no membership, singles and couples are welcome and you can learn up to 10 dances in a year.  Feel free to “drop in” any Sunday to enjoy the ballroom party and complementary 1-hour group lesson before the dance.

All the events are organized by Michael and his wife Gaby (Loveee is with Mr Dance from 2002).


Here is a piece of an article written a long time ago in the local newspaper.

“Drive to Dance”

“They help the people who want to learn to dance and get them going. While they don’t presume to call themselves teachers they really do facilitate in the beginner learning stage. Places like this are as important to the dance world as somewhere like the UBC Club. Sure at UBC, they turn out some good dancers, in fact, some of the best in BC.   For Mr Dance, this is a place to go have some fun, socialize and in the process learn to dance. They are not for the most part worried about syllabus steps or frame, they just want to move with the music and transcend the everyday world if only for a couple of hours.”

“Mr Dance continues to enrich the quality of life in the community by inspiring people to dance for fitness, fun and romance. The dancing lessons at Mr Dance offer people the opportunity to develop a greater sense of worth and achievement that comes naturally with learning and mastering new dance skills. For baby boomers that are looking for dance experience — Mr Dance may be just the ticket”.

Andras S.Independent writer & fellow dancer wrote an article about the history & success of Mr Dance on April 26, 2016 – “Social Ballroom In The City – Mr Dance is celebrating its 25th Anniversary.”

“Mr Dance is no stranger to publicity. Papers like The Vancouver Courier (2003) and The Voice (2006) wrote about its dance nights; The Unique Guidebook to Vancouver’s Hidden Sites, Sounds and Tastes short-listed its dance venue (2003); it was featured in The Province newspaper and in a local CBC TV show called “Salsa for Love” (2008)”.


Elsie (dance instructor), Szabolcs, Gaby, Michael & Elsie R. (co-founder of Mr Dance, Elsie retired in 2018).
So you think you can dance? Drop in

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